Dependable AI

Using AI in safety-critical industrial applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies for the future. Its introduction and use pose a particular challenge to companies. It is essential to recognize the potential and make it commercially viable. Let Europe's largest research cooperation in the field of AI, Cyber Valley, accompany you in this process.With the AI Innovation Center of Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IPA, we support companies in harnessing the potential of AI. At the interface between application-oriented business and excellent research of the Cyber Valley consortium, we develop innovative AI applications for practical use and thus drive the commercialization of AI. The declared goal is to develop human-centric AI solutions. Their potential can only be optimally exploited, if people interact intuitively with a new technology and work together in a trusting manner. The study series "Learning Systems" of the AI Innovation Center provides insight into the potentials and practical applications of AI. Overarching topics such as reliability, explainability (xAI), cloud-based platforms, technologies and deployment strategies will be discussed. In addition, individual application areas in Knowledge Work, Construction, Manufacturing, and Customer Service are examined in detail.

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